Going to the Gym Tips + Pre-Workout Nutrition

Going to the gym can be a menacing task, trust me, I get that. In my utopian world, it would always be forty-five degrees, with a light breeze, and a hazy sun. Running outside motivates me more than any monotonous machines and sweaty drips.
But, this isn’t my paradise. Storms, arctic winds, saunic heat waves, and blizzards plague my area, and sometimes the gym is the only option.
But I always try to fit in my workout. It keeps me sane and lets me achieve something every day. (Well, except on rest days:)
It has taken me some time, but I have found ways to make the treadmill (*cough* dreadmill *cough*) or other machine more bearable.

1. Music, Audiobooks, Instagram, Internet- DISTRACTIONS.
Use whatever distractions you can to keep yourself sane. Personally, I love love love music. I can get lost in a good playlist. It keeps me from getting too “thinky”. One machines like the stepmaster though, you can check instagram or surf the web, because the lower body is so isolated. This is serves as an amazing distraction.

2. Intervals
Interval, or HIIT, training, is extremely effective and entertaining. With intervals typically between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, you constantly are changing treadmill (or bike/elliptical) speeds or inclines. It also mentally makes working out easier. “Mini-goals” can be more easily set.

3. Set Mini-Goals
Chunk you workout into a couple parts and focus on a chunk at a time. Running 2 miles 3 times is SO much easier than running six miles.

4. Eat a good pre-workout snack or meal.
Fuel yourself well. The best for me is to eat a bigger dinner a few hours before. I find that eating a majority of carbs, and some fat and protein is perfect. But experiment, because every body is different!

Pre-workout tonight (eaten about 2 hours before my workout) was Farro, cooked with date chutney, carrot and veggie broth, tossed with corn, lettuce, and tofu. I served it with a potato and peanut butter!

5. Prepare
Lay out your workout clothes, bag, water bottle, headphones, whatever you need, BEFORE you start your day. Put that in your car, or by your door. That way when you have to go workout- you have no excuse at all.

6. Just do it.
Think of how much better you will feel after the workout. Then smile, and crush it. If your put your mind to it, anything is possible!

What are some of your favorite workout tips? Share then below!